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Catalytic converters

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Your catalytic converter is one of the most important parts of your exhaust and emissions system. If it's not working right, it may be one of the reasons your check engine light illuminates on your dashboard. When that happens, let us check things out and offer a catalytic converter solution so it once again turns pollutants into water vapor and less harmful emissions. By taking care of your exhaust you're doing your bit for a cleaner environment.


With over 50 years of experience with catalytic converters, we stress on great work every time. Get fair and honest pricing for the work you need. You can also examine one of the widest selections of catalytic converters for model vehicles in the area.


Get an efficient and polished stainless steel muffler, and tips for how to take care of it. This is a fantastic way to bring out the most of any car's appearance. You can choose stainless steel exhaust manifolds installed, or a cat-back exhaust system. Your car will breathe better due to larger diameter exhaust piping and exceptionally re-designed mufflers. The exhaust system impacts the efficiency and performance of your engine, so don't neglect it!



• Catalytic converter repairs

• Catalytic converter replacements

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• Fair and honest pricing

• Diagnostics

• Professional service

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Finally, let us take care of your entire exhaust system as a whole. Read on to learn about our extensive exhaust repair work.


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