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Has your vehicle been overheating? The last thing you want is for your car to overheat and burn your engine out, resulting in extremely costly repairs. Save money in the long run by maintaining your cooling system and making sure to get it checked out at the first signs of trouble.


Coolant flushes, hose and radiator inspection, and even replacing the water pumps are part of your vehicle's recommended maintenance plan by the manufacturer. Bring your vehicle in to someone you can trust. Experience quality service where your automobile's regular cooling system and factory recommended scheduled maintenance are all met by highly-skilled professionals.


Radiator service

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Bring us any make or model vehicle, both foreign and domestic, and we'll give you back a perfectly running car.

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system repairs!

A cool engine is a healthy engine, as is a well-maintained engine. Read on to learn more about our professional tune-up services.

Keeping it cool while on the road

Complete coolant inspections & repairs

• Complete coolant system inspection

• Radiator service

• Radiator cap replacement

• Radiator and hose leak inspection

• Thermostat replacement

• Water pump leak inspection and replacement

• Anti-freeze flush and refill


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