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Tune ups

Nearly four decades of experience!

Just like humans, cars need a physical every once in a while to make sure it's in working order. If little parts aren't working right, a tune-up can fix that. Remember to bring your vehicle in for regular tune-ups to prolong its life and save money down the line. You can depend on our team for superior workmanship.


Our quality service pays attention to preventive maintenance and standard oil changes. Let our ASE certified technicians meet your needs.

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Put your trust in the car repair shop that prides itself on its honesty and integrity with every job we do.

Family-owned and operated!

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With your car cool and your car tuned, protecting the environment comes back into play. Read on and learn more about our catalytic converter work.


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Terrific tune-up work for you

What you'll get every time

• Ignition wires

• Spark plugs

• Oil, transmission, and fuel filters

• Fluids

• Specific needs for your car

• All makes and models

• Affordable rates

• Manufacturer recommended tune-ups


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